We’ve all spent our school days in geology lessons eventually, finding out about the nations of the world and where they sit on the guide.

In any case, it appears that a few cartographers have overlooked some things en route, as there’s a noteworthy goal that continues getting missed off maps totally.


It’s not precisely a shrouded diamond just known to local people either – it’s a whole nation. Indeed, it’s comprised of TWO islands.

For some obscure reason, New Zealand continues being overlooked from world maps, and it’s driving Kiwis insane.

It’s not only the intermittent guide either, with a whole Reddit string called Maps Without NZ committed to uncovering world maps and satellite pictures where New Zealand is excluded in any way.

o be clear, New Zealand sits to the base right of Australia, its North and South islands very noticeable.

Be that as it may, as indicated by a few maps there’s no nation there by any stretch of the imagination; only a ton more sea.

Like we stated, ungainly.

Dislike New Zealand is newfound landscape either.

For a begin it’s trusted that the Māori individuals initially settled in 1280 CE, while Europeans didn’t find its reality until 1642.

Which implies we’ve had well more than 300 years to refresh our maps – and there’s no reason for committing a similar error pushing ahead.

As of year, there’s been no official clarification with reference to what’s provoking the exclusion.

Did New Zealand irritate the maps business? Have holidaymakers been envisioning their excursions to the hotspot this entire time? Was Lord of the Rings even recorded there?

Whatever the reason, next time you check a guide, watch out to check whether New Zealand’s been incorporated (and we suggest discovering one which isn’t incidentally discarding nations and supplanting them with seas).

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